Textile Waste Supply Company

We are your complete manufacturer of textile and paper wiping cloths. It would be impossible to list all products available but we will list a few below:

  • Cheesecloth
  • Linen service type wipers
  • New knit millends, Colored,white & unbleached
  • Terry Towels, all sizes , both white & colored
  • Reclaimed, recycled wipers.. Polo, Corduroy,Sweatshirts etc.
  • All varieties of Washed millends, white & Colored
  • Specialy lintfree wipes for the HiTech industries.
  • Tack Cloths

    We are also remnant dealers. Please come to us for your remnants needs.

    All types and descriptions of packaging from 50 lbs. bales up to 1000 lb bales. We can do it all.